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17 July 2011 @ 05:24 pm
Teacher of the Heart 20/20  
Title: Teacher of the Heart - Part Twenty[[Earlier Chapters Here]]
Pairing: Noah/Luke (Atwt)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 988
Summary: AU What if Noah had been out and proud when Luke met him.!! And what if they had met under completely diffirent circumstances and in a different point in their lives.!!
Disclaimer: I unfortunately do not own anything that has to do with Atwt, Jake or Van! I'm just playing with their characters!

Chapter 20


“You have feelings for this guy?” Noah asked.


Luke’s head about snapped off his neck when he turned to Noah with eyes the size of bowling balls.


“Do I have feelings for the guy? Yes I have feelings for the guy. Feelings of hate and disgust!” Luke couldn’t believe after everything he had just told Noah that he could still think he wanted anything to do with Kevin.


“Good,” Noah said calmly before taking Luke’s hand. “Then there’s just one more thing we need to talk about.”


Seeing the confusion on Luke’s face, Noah couldn’t help but smile. “Why don’t you trust me?”


Luke knew he should have suspected that question, but still he didn’t know how he should react. He did trust Noah, but he had nothing to say that could prove that to the incredible man sitting next to him.


“You probably won’t believe me, but I do trust you. No let me finish, I want to do this right.” Luke said, placing a finger on Noah’s lips.


“I do trust you, it’s me I don’t trust. I don’t trust myself enough to confide in other people for help. I know I should have come to you and discuss the situation, but when Kevin told me he would make sure you lost your job I just panicked. Noah, we’ve only known each other for a week. Do you have any idea how short that is? I didn’t think anyone, whether it’s you or just some random stranger, would risk their job for a guy they just met a week ago. Especially not when that guy is a student that could make sure you never work as a teacher again.”


For a second, Noah kept quiet. ‘Had Luke really thought about all of that in such a short time? Most guys would have run straight to Noah, telling him what was going on but not even thinking for a second about the consequences. Luke wasn’t like that, in fact, Luke was nothing like that. Luke had set aside all of his own feelings to protect Noah.’


“You must have gone through hell”, Noah said finally.


“A little,” Luke whispered, not once looking up from his shoes. “But it was worth it to protect you.”


Noah turned his body towards the incredible guy sitting next to him and told him to do the same. “Look at me.”


Luke did as he was told and finally looked up at Noah. He was surprised to find an understanding look instead of an angry one. “I’m sorry.”


“Don’t. Just let me talk, okay?” Noah said, waiting for Luke to nod in understanding.


Gathering his thoughts for a short moment, Noah finally knew exactly how to tell Luke he wasn’t mad at him about anything that had happened since yesterday. Without thinking about it any longer, Noah leaned in and captured Luke’s mouth in a passionate kiss.


After getting over the initial shock, Luke quickly gave in and probed Noah’s mouth open with his tongue. If this was the last kiss he would ever get from Noah, he was damn well going to enjoy it.


Luke felt Noah’s hands creep up under his shirt and couldn’t help the moan that escaped him. He tried to pull back just a little, but Noah had a gentle but firm hand in Luke’s neck and was not letting him move away.


Luke felt himself being pushed backwards and complied by lying down on the grass. Noah softly lay on top of him, chest to chest, their mouths still connected.


Just when Luke had moved his hands to the buttons of Noah’s shirt, his phone started ringing.


At first he didn’t recognize the sounds, but when he did, he immediately pushed Noah off of him to answer.


“Hello?” he said, out of breath.


“Luke? Are you okay?” it was Holden.


“Yeah, I’m fine. Do you know anything about Faith? Is she going to be okay?”


“She’s going to be just fine. The ran a bunch of test on her and it seems she was just exhausted. Combine that with the fact that she hasn’t been eating well while studying for her midterms, her body just told of said enough is enough. But she’s awake now and she’s asking for you.”


“I’ll be right there,” Luke said quickly, before remembering something. “Dad, is it okay if I bring someone?”


“Sure honey, Maddie is always welcome, you know that. I think Faith would really like to see her too.”


“No, it’s not Maddie. I’ll just.. I’ll explain when I get there okay. See you in a few!” Luke said, before hanging up the phone and looking at Noah.


“My sister is awake.”


Noah smiled at him and took his hand. “I’m really happy for you Luke. Are you going over right now?”


“Yeah. I..” Luke contemplated what to say for a second. He didn’t want to scare Noah away by moving too fast, but considering Noah was still here despite the risk of losing his job, he could assume it safe that Noah really liked him.


“I was hoping maybe you would come with me? I really want my parents to meet you. You know, before anything happens, whether it be good or bad. Unless you don’t want to, I would completely understand if you..”


Luke was quickly silenced when Noah once again pulled him forward in a kiss.


“I would love to meet your parents. Luke, I want you to know that I don’t plan on going anywhere. I like you, okay, I like you a lot. And I know things aren’t going to be easy, but we will deal with them. Together!”


At the last word, Noah gently took both of Luke’s hands in his and gave them a squeeze.


“Okay”, Luke couldn’t hide the smile forming on his face.


Maybe, for once, things would be going exactly the way he wanted them too.



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loahisiloahisi on November 4th, 2011 01:55 am (UTC)
Just wanted to let you know that I really really like this story. I read it many times and I'm so glad you finish it. Hope to read from you again.